Or you could, y\’know, catch some criminals

During the recent snow epidemic, Cambridge student John Knowles built a four-foot snowwilly. To anyone vaguely sane, this is the kind of act that would warrant a brief smile, perhaps followed with a jibe about Mr Knowles having too much time on his hands.

However, following in the tradition of his Oxford colleagues, one overzealous policeman saw matters rather differently. The cunt, whose name has sadly not been published, issued Mr Knowles with a fixed penalty notice for his trouble.

It is a reasonable assumption that at least one policeman is certain to get murdered over the next year. I beg the gods of probability to ensure that the murderers pick this cunt, rather than someone who hasn\’t manifestly demonstrated the fact that they don\’t deserve to live.


2 thoughts on “Or you could, y\’know, catch some criminals

  1. Spazmo says:

    All well and good, but if this incident involved a traffic cone, or even took place in the vicinity of a traffic cone, then the ticket is not only justified but very lenient.

    I would love to see any manifestation of student “humour” made an offense on a par with rape.

  2. Jen Ellar says:

    The officer who issued the ticket is called PC WILLEY who has been on leave since the i
    incident – what a twat, I would love justic to be done in the criminal courts when no one has made any complaints to tyhe police about being offended by this master piece in a public place, I think the chief of police may have her hands full – only a figure of speech!!!

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