Guido in \”Nazi\” shock

Sunny has found an old Guardian article saying that Paul Staines, who now blogs as Guido Fawkes, plotted an alliance with the BNP to intimidate lefties when he was in the Federation of Conservative Students.

Mr Staines and his sockpuppets have infested the comments, claiming that the Guardian retracted the story (which is doubtless why the article, and not the retraction, is still available on Lexis-Nexis). But even if it\’s false, it remains entirely clear that Mr Staines was a member of the incredibly-right-wing-and-mad FCS, and therefore should be eviscerated and have his corpse pissed on anyway.

2 thoughts on “Guido in \”Nazi\” shock

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    A quality comment from Little Green Soccer-balls:

    Ridiculously, I was at the same sixth form college as paul staines in 1983-5 (If it’s who i think it is, a guy with black hair and a white streak in it.)…Anyway, I can confirm a couple of things about him. He was a rather pompous little fellow in those days, and was known to be interested in ‘eugenics’ and various other weird things.

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