A brief note on anti-Americanism

Hating individual people from the US for their nationality is wrong.

Hating the US itself, its actions overseas over the last 200 years [*], the evil bastards who run it, its belief that it\’s a force for good, and its belief that it can do anything it likes anywhere it likes to pursue these \’good\’ aims, is entirely right, proper and sensible.

If I met someone who was anti-American in the first sense, I\’d think they were a cunt. The same would be true for anyone who wasn\’t anti-American in the second sense.

[*] partial exception granted for its reluctant and delayed intervention in Europe 1941-45.

3 thoughts on “A brief note on anti-Americanism

  1. What about in Europe in 1918?


  2. PDF says:

    Not really.

    The main impact of the US military presence into WWI was to ensure that Versailles was tougher on the Germans and more generous to the French than would otherwise have been the case (both sides were losing the will and the resources to fight by 1917 – the question remaining to settle was Who Shall We Say Won, If Anyone?).

    At best, a more pro-German settlement (say, one without unfair reparations from Germany to France and without the War Guilt clause) would have been more likely to have avoided the emergence of ultra-nationalists in Germany and hence the worst aspects of WWII.

    Even at worst, US non-entry couldn’t have made things much worse than they actually turned out – and it would have annoyed the French, which is a good thing in its own right. The ideal solution to WWI would have been British non-entry, but unfortunately we were too stuck in our imperial-must-intervene bubble to let the French lose…

  3. Yup, that all seems to be in order. Thank you , sir…


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