At the risk of turning into a BBC-slating lunatic…

There are some individuals whose lives are so important that they deserve reporting in national news media. However, Rick Stein\’s dog is not one of them.

And I say that as a fan of camp, drunk Mr Stein – after all, he\’s the best approximation we have, apart from Keith Floyd, to Keith Floyd.

7 thoughts on “At the risk of turning into a BBC-slating lunatic…

  1. peskymonkey says:

    Thank you, thank you. Someone else was irritated by the coverage! And the fact that for the past few days on the BBC News website it has been one of the most emailled new stories! Perhaps Rick Stein should concoct a memorial dish in memory of his pooch.. maybe something with a Chinese theme… 😉

  2. Spazmo says:

    The story about Indians having small cocks was the most emailed story for over a month.

    But that was a real news story.

  3. Neil says:

    We were only talking about this in the pub on Tuesday night – “is that fucking horrible little dog dead yet?” an lo, the next day it is. That’s the power of positive thought.

    We had nothing to do with Michael Winner, though.

  4. peskymonkey says:

    Does the House of Commons have nothing better to do????? Argh!

  5. Kieran says:

    He was washed up on shore in Cornwall and torn apart by rabid looters. Poor beast.

  6. Gus Abraham says:

    Tis true too true. For a further round up of the debacle vcalled tv see here:


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