PDF 1, Reid 0

I\’m reminded by Obsolete of the universally reviled John Reid\’s scaremongering prediction that terrorists would ruin Christmas.

Irritatingly, I can\’t find the post where I offered a £100 bet to all comers that this absolutely wasn\’t going to happen. But I\’m fairly sure I actually did. Sadly, even the crazy people who believe in the \’terror threat\’ weren\’t willing to put the money up, so being right hasn\’t actually brought me any real benefits.

\’Twas ever so…

8 thoughts on “PDF 1, Reid 0

  1. Spazmo says:

    Do I win a prize?

  2. Nick says:

    Of course, if one of them had taken it up and there had been an attack, you could have got out of paying on the grounds that it’s absolutely disgusting for them to attempt to profit from terrorism.

  3. Simon says:

    I’m surprised no-one took it up. It’s not as if the Decent Left and New Labour aren’t already willing another terrorist attack to happen, in order to punish the liberal-left for its sins.

  4. Nik Shah says:

    I had a lovely Christmas. I don’t think even a terrorist attack could have spoiled it.

  5. Neil says:

    I was puking, shitting through the eye of a needle and feeling like death all through Christmas Day, so a terrorist attack would have been like a birthday present.

  6. Does offering £1,000 if there is a terrorist attack constitute sponsoring terrorism?

    Freeze his assets!

  7. PDF says:

    My assets are already freezing. Goddamn winter.

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