Foxy baby yeah

We all know Fox News is evil and that it lies ceaselessly (my recent favourites include \”accidentally\” referring to Barrack Obama as \’Osama\’ and to Mark Foley as a Democrat). We also all know that the Commentisfree comments are full of illiterate gibbering nutcases of various different hues and ideologies.

However, \’Lafayette\’ has a very good point:

I find it particularly rich to see British folks holding up Fox News as the prime example for why American media is horrible. Murdoch\’s formula for Fox is a simple one: take a British red-top and put it on American television.

I\’d be interested to see a comparison in lies-per-fact between Fox and the Sun. I\’d even consider doing it myself, except that reading the Sun tends to make me overly keen to exterminate the white working class.

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