You lame bunch of losers

This is all your fucking fault:

We are sorry to have to inform you that the pledge to which you signed up did not meet its target in the required time. It required 3,000,000 people, but achieved only 662.

The pledge, created by Stef, read: \’I will refuse to register for an ID card but only if 3,000,000 people will sign up.\’

This means you don\’t have to do your part of the pledge. Instead, why not sign up to local alerts at to find out when someone creates a new pledge near you, browse the pledges at or perhaps make your own pledge.

Yes, of course I was one of the 662. And you?

One thought on “You lame bunch of losers

  1. Beatniksalad says:

    You must have signed up anonymously – I don’t see Pig, Dog or Fucker on the list.

    I notice that Ryan Brightwell bloke whose kid got savaged by a dog signed the pledge. Good for him eh?

    Have you seen I’ve started blogging again by the way? Back at the old domain – These days I just write about gold rings, hot software, stuff like that.

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