Blogger writes most stupid and untrue thing ever

Last night, I wrote the following sentence:

Mr [Prince] Naseem, who is not a useless, worthless, waste of space

Even given the quantities of beer, wine and amyl nitrite that I\’d consumed before going online, this is the most shamefully inaccurate thing I\’ve ever said. Consequently, I\’ve committed ritual suicide as a penance and will do any further blogging from beyond the grave.

For the record, of course Prince Naseem is a worthless cunt; sending him to jail was the right thing to do; the people he crashed into are irritating whiners (if someone who harms you gets sent to jail, you should be fucking gracious about the fact that – entirely because of what the person did to you – he is having his life destroyed, because that is what happens to people when they are sent to jail); and stripping him of his MBE is pathetic.

5 thoughts on “Blogger writes most stupid and untrue thing ever

  1. “….and stripping him of his MBE is pathetic.”

    It is pathetic, but it’s also very funny.

  2. Awarding him an MBE was also pathetic. In fact the operation of the whole honours system is fairly risible.

  3. PDF says:

    Also no lie.

  4. Larry Teabag says:

    Actually I quite like the idea of stripping people of their MBEs when they fuck up *cough* (England’s cricket team) /*cough*.

  5. When I was small, my mother used to threaten me: “When I catch you, I’ll break every bone in your body!”

    I never really believed that could happen until I read your link to the BBC report. It’s great: Naseem broke every bone in this chap’s body.

    I’m hoping to arrange a fight between Naseem and my mother who, though now sadly deceased, still might have enough fight to take on the little cunt.

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