Posted in December 2006

Advert for London

Absolute bargain. Wish they\’d published contact details as well, though…

In praise of Oliver Kamm

I don\’t like Oliver Kamm very much. I think he\’s a smug bore, that he\’s approximately 10% as clever as he believes himself to be, and that he promotes a particularly noxious variety of Decent-ism.

However, even allowing for the proposition that Oliver Kamm is a cunt, then Neil Clark is a grotesque Frankenstein-esque creation sewn together from the rotting, diseased organs of dead AIDS-ridden prostitutes. He\’s a fan of the late, lamented Slobodan Milosovic, and indeed of Greater Serbia in general, which would tend to raise alarm bells but doesn\’t make him inherently evil.

No, Mr Clark is inherently evil because he tried to sue Oliver Kamm for libel, after Mr Kamm suggested that one of Mr Clark\’s book reviews was so badly written and point-missing that it was debatable whether he\’d even read the book. Rather than, say, calling Mr Kamm a cunt, he started to fire off writs, bringing the first reported UK libel action against a blogger.

This would not have been a good precedent for free speech. Luckily, being rich, well-connected and stubborn, Mr Kamm was able to hire and brief sufficiently competent lawyers that Mr Clark was scared enough to drop the case and flee, hopefully deterring others from following suit. I also approve of Mr Kamm\’s conjecture that \”I consider it wrong in principle and self-defeating … to threaten legal action against a blogger\”.

In blog-libel-related news, it has now been established in the High Court that NuLab party hack and tedious blogger Phil Dilks did not kick a teenage girl in the arse for mocking him on the campaign trail. The case has also definitively established that Mr Dilks is a litigious scumbag, as with anyone else ever to have brought a libel case rather than merely telling their critics to fuck off – but presumably he feels it\’s better to be a proven litigious scumbag than a wrongly accused girl-kicker. And he\’s certainly not as bad as Neil Clark.

Interesting new crazy meme

Insane right-wing Americans, who\’ve almost certainly never been to France and hate the French for their cheese consumption and lack of redneck stupidity (side note: they should meet my friend\’s girlfriend\’s rural French family, who are apparently an easy match for any Appalachian in Hickness Quotient), believe France is subject to an intifada (link broadly representative of wingnut opinion).

No, a few thuggish low-income low-prospects French people are rioting a bit. It happens. Get a fucking grip, you Arab-hating buffoons…

Get a fucking brain for two seconds

So far, in the collapse of \”we have a stupid business model and we steal money off idiots\” company Farepak, HBOS have been blamed for:

a) foreclosing on the company instead of letting them trade while insolvent;

b) not foreclosing on the company soon enough, and therefore letting them squander the idiots\’ money on running cost.

Now, let\’s assume, for no reason whatsoever, that people fucktardly enough to stick their savings in a non-FSA regulated institution deserve anything other than bankruptcy (Christ, we don\’t have debtors\’ prisons anymore, the worst that will happen to any of these idiots is \”explaining to their kids that Santa has only brought tangerines and handmade cards\”, which happened to me for the first few years of my life anyway because my parents thought that books, pensions and schools were a better investment).

Nonetheless, allowing for human stupidity, HBOS are the last people who should be blamed for Farepak\’s collapse, and any stupid cunt who\’s considering withdrawing their HBOS account over the scandal should just fuck off. As anyone with half a brain might notice, a) and b) are the opposites of each other; HBOS moved from funding Farepak to foreclosing\” when it became apparent that Farepak was no longer a going concern. The latter phrase has a technical meaning, but it\’s basically \”when any fucker who ought to know notices that the company can\’t possibly pay its debts and carry on unless something incredibly unlikely happens\”.

HBOS noticed this, and had the company wound up. The company kept on lying that it wouldn\’t otherwise have gone under for a while, then admitted that it was screwed. HBOS\’s role, in other words, was to make the company be wound up shortly before it was unable to meet its hamper commitments, and therefore save its investors their November and December payments.
I\’m not a fan of companies that exploit the stupid and the gullible, which makes me not a fan of Farepak. If you want to save some money, stick it in either an ING account or a National Savings ISA (depending on whether you pay some or no tax, respectively), then buy presents at Christmas. If any cunt asks for your money without a Bank of England guarantee, tell them to fuck off.

This doesn\’t mitigate my contempt and hatred for the bastards at Farepak who spent the customers\’ money on wages and running costs rather than calling the receivers on themselves. But although I\’d be delighted to see the directors sent to jail, don\’t blame the bankers (or the auditors) for not doing what it isn\’t and shouldn\’t be their jobs to do.

Yeah but no but

I\’m always amused when \”community leaders\” get hoist by the \’offensiveness warrants locking up\’ petard (fact fans: see also the majority of convictions both ever and in the last five years for incitement to racial hatred. Defendants = not white). I also think that being abusive to a policeman when it\’s at his discretion whether or not to book you is a fucking stupid plan.
However, I think that calling some rozzer a white pig isn\’t so much racism as a traditional rozzery epiphet, and therefore shouldn\’t really count as racist so much as just moronic…