At least our press doesn\’t have a monopoly on \’terror\’ stupidity

My eyes are drawn to an amazingly ignorant article on ABC News inspired by John Reid\’s paranoid ravings, picking up and running with the whole \”we\’ll be lucky not be be blown up by Boxing Day\” meme. A bet that I\’ve already offered to one wingnut, and will quite happily offer to anyone else willing to take it, is £1000 that there will be no terrorist attack on the UK over the Christmas/New Year season.

Why am I so confident? Simply because the article says things which are clearly and demonstrably false about the August aeroplane bomb plot in order to make us more scared – and therefore it\’s reasonable to assume it\’s doing the same thing about the Evil Muslim Conspiracy To Ruin Christmas (\”maybe if we\’d called it Winterval instead they\’d\’ve left us alone\”, etc).
Specifically, he suggests that the August bomb plot was a serious threat, expertly planned with direction from Pakistan, and featuring people of great technical knowledge.

Back in the real world, it\’s been conclusively demonstrated that the bomb plot could never have worked, and the alleged mastermind in Pakistan has been acquitted of all terror charges. In short, the facts fit very well with the \”lack of professionalism in planning that are often the hallmarks of what are commonly called homegrown plots\”.

If that\’s indicative of the quality of this bloke\’s \’facts\’, I think my grand is pretty safe, don\’t you?

One thought on “At least our press doesn\’t have a monopoly on \’terror\’ stupidity

  1. Ham Niles says:

    Dear Sir:
    I’d like to invite you to the USA. We badly need need a man with your jounalistic integrity, insight, common sense, and wit (not to mention vocabulary).


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