Words to strike terror into the heart of anyone

\”And coming up now on More4, Germaine Greer and Melanie Phillips talk to David Starkey\”. Yes, this really happened tonight…

5 thoughts on “Words to strike terror into the heart of anyone

  1. Gutted I missed it. Did it turn into the Women’s Institue re-enactment of the Batlle of Pearl Harbour (see Monty Python)? I really hope that it did.

  2. Doormat says:

    Look, you didn’t give a fucking link. I have absolutely no reason to believe that this is remotely true… Apart from that the More4 website suggests that it is. Steve Jones was also present. In almost any other company that would be worthy of note, but I doubt he actually managed to get a word in edge-ways.

  3. Is that Steve ‘Reg Grundy is a dirty Fucker’ Jones of Sex Pistols fame?

  4. Now that I have to see, I wonder if it’s on torrents yet?

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