The finest whines available to humanity

I don\’t always read the comments people leave here, particularly if I\’m drunk or busy when they arrive. Since I\’m drunk or busy most of the time, occasionally things that really ought to be removed slip through…

In the spring, I spotted a post on from a woman who will be referred to for the rest of this article as Ms X. She\’d said some amusingly perjorative things about a gentleman named Steve Adeleke; I felt they deserved a wider audience (note: her post has now been removed from the Google cache, which means that either she\’s retracted it or Mr Adeleke has threatened to sue…). It attracted a few comments from ladies angry at Mr Adeleke\’s actions, but then a couple of gentlemen stepped in with the killer dope while I was drunk, busy and in Croatia…

[Ms X] From [city] ,You Are A Big Bastard Bitch [Ms X]
You Say this same story with me i\’m also your EX BoyFriend i Live also in Poland same city like you, everyone should run away from this woman almost 4 man same story everytime to collect money from Man she collect 2000zlot,from me you are NOT PREAGNAT YOU ARE A BIG LIAR SHOW OUT YOUR SELF IF YOU PREGNAT SHOW it to the PUBLIC that you are PREGNANT, BIG LIAR LIAR LIAR [Ms X] from [address].
Keep out for this Internet killer Bitch she use this way to get money from Man THIEF THIEF THIEF
you will never get anyman here in Poland anymore everyone Know her so Good in Poland Watch Out For HER PLEASE [Ms X] BASTARD BITCH

Followed by (from a different IP, conspiracy fans):

my name kasia,i\’m from [city] poland.
i know about this lie this woman write in this internet page this is wrong information she only meet this man 2time and she only want his Money,she never preagnant or something like that,i know this woman she married 2 time\’s already. she send mafia to kill one of her EX husband girl friend, she terrible woman please this woman danger dont near HER please!! i know her very good she live\’s at [address].
please beware of this woman she\’s internet mafia and she like to open with diffrent name and Photos in internet only to have money from mens.and tell them she preagnat to collect money from them.she\’s BITCH she fuck under age Boys here in [city] she sick in her Head,she is disgrace of herself and all of us polish lady. please tell anyone should watch out for this woman she have 2dogs
she dont have no life only liar liar to collect money from man.
this is my Advice to all of you read this fact page BEWARE of HER.

Obviously, if I\’d noticed these comments I would have deleted them – or rather, I\’d\’ve done the same thing I\’m doing now, keeping the amusing bits and deleting the stalker-friendly bits. The reason I\’m doing this now is because Ms X yesterday pointed the relevant comments out and asked for them to be deleted.

However, the reason I suspect the allegations may be not-entirely-undeserved and that Mr Adeleke\’s allegations may be at-least-slightly-undeserved is by Ms X\’s methodology for arranging the deletion: she posted the same cryptic comment, which didn\’t identify either her or the article I was supposed to be looking at, on a random selection of six old PDF posts.

Being conscientious, I tried and failed to work out what on earth she was talking about for some time, then emailed the address she\’d left on the comment to ask her for clarification. I also said that if she could point me towards any personally identifying information about her, then I\’d be happy to get rid of it. But being, apparently, \”BIG INTERNET BITCH\”, Ms X decided that instead of replying to my email, she\’d contact my ISP saying she was going to sue me for libel and harrassment.

So Ms X joins Neil Clark and Phil Dilks in the PDF official \”I\’m going to thue and thue til I\’m thick, becauthe you\’re a nathty man and I don\’t like you\” thatheth. And Steve Adeleke wins an official PDF apology. Mate, if you put up with Ms X even for long enough to get her up the duff and run away, you don\’t need random people on the Internet slating you as well…

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