Interesting new crazy meme

Insane right-wing Americans, who\’ve almost certainly never been to France and hate the French for their cheese consumption and lack of redneck stupidity (side note: they should meet my friend\’s girlfriend\’s rural French family, who are apparently an easy match for any Appalachian in Hickness Quotient), believe France is subject to an intifada (link broadly representative of wingnut opinion).

No, a few thuggish low-income low-prospects French people are rioting a bit. It happens. Get a fucking grip, you Arab-hating buffoons…

One thought on “Interesting new crazy meme

  1. To be entirely fair, Nicolas Sarkozy also believes this, but then he is a right-wing nutjob:,1-0@2-3232,36-840911,0.html
    He believes that there is such a thing as the “Antifrance”. The Antifrance was a secret shadowy organisation devoted to the destruction of France and all things French in a 70s satirical comic called “Superdupont”. Unfortunately Sarkozy doesn’t seem to have twigged that it’s satire and seems to think that it’s fact, and justifies whatever repressive measure he wishes to take next. Nicolas, it’s satire! SATIRE! It’s not real! Dark Negroschwarzenblack is a fictional baddie, and Superdupont doesn’t exist either! Jesus.

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