Malicious prosecution

Imagine a 15-year-old boy is caught having taken a video of two kids in his class shagging each other, and having forwarded it on to other classmates. Is the sensible response:

a) a word to the boy and his parents that this isn\’t civilised or appropriate behaviour?

b) suspending the boy from school for a while and pointing out that, although it\’s easy with modern technology, this kind of thing hurts people and could get him into serious trouble if he keeps it up in later life?

c) prosecuting and convicting the boy for making and distributing child pornography?

If you picked option c, then you\’re both an absolute cunt and in line with the Perth and Kinross constabulary and judiciary.

While I expect the rozzers to be cunts, the behaviour of the CPS and courts is more worrying. Anyone care to justify this one?

One thought on “Malicious prosecution

  1. Graham says:

    I agree with your sentiment 150%.
    I’m just in the process of suing the local fuzz for being right lying bastards, malicious prosecution and perverting the course of justice

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