What\’s the best thing about 29-year-olds?

Nourishing Obscurity objects to the Welsh police chief\’s reasonably sensible reaction to sexlaws:

Tell me one thing a 13 year old could offer you which a hot 29 year old couldn’t? Tell me how she could sexually and socially satisfy you? Yes, exactly – no demands, does exactly what you want, goes into hysterics afterwards.

Mr Obscurity should be told that there are plenty of 29-year-olds who meet his slightly unusual criteria (since I imagine he\’s well over the chief constable\’s 20-year-old cut-off, and therefore should probably steer clear of the schoolgirls…).

2 thoughts on “What\’s the best thing about 29-year-olds?

  1. No demands and does exactly what you want? Does he even know what a 13 year old is?

    I don’t think he’s seen a 13 year old in his life. I think he was in a car crash at age 8, spent the next 24 years in a coma and awoke to find himself in a geriatric ward. His retarded sexual development was therefore built on foundations of octagenarian sponge-baths and the smell of stale urine – I’ll bet he’s into water sports too.


  2. james higham says:

    Delighted to make your blog acquaintance. Yes, Mr. Alligator has it right – I was in a car crash at age 8, spent the next 24 years in a coma and awoke to find myself in a geriatric ward. Just how he logically arrives at the word ‘pervert’ out of that is a mode of thinking which Tony and the EU would be proud of. As for the Chief Cosntable’s comments, I stand by mine becasue the whole point was he was taking something as a fact of life which maybe shouldn’t be taken as a fact of life. As for ‘plenty of 29 year olds who meet those criteria’ – don’t I know it but I still maintain it’s better than 13. Actually, I thnk 38’s pretty good too, which is what I’ve graduated to.

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