Surprise of the century

The majority of \’drug rape\’ victims are actually just drunk, through self-administered grog, and have no bloody idea whether or not they consented in the first place.

\”Rape is never the victim\’s fault\”, a Home Office spokeswoman added, inaccurately.

2 thoughts on “Surprise of the century

  1. Andy says:

    But surely no matter how wasted a girl is, its a mans responsibility to not take advantage of someone who’s too drunk to know what they’re doing? I agree that women can do things to make getting raped easier/harder, but they’re never “asking for it”.

  2. “Rape is never the victims fault”, a home office spokeswoman added, accurately. I think you mean.

    Implying that rape can be the victim’s fault is like saying rich people are to blame for being burgled or black people are to blame for being racially attacked. However; getting pissed and realising the next morning you did something you really rather wouldn’t have is a different matter.

    That’s not to say that I don’t think alcohol can be used as a date-rape drug though.

    If she can’t stay on top, then you’d better just stop.

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