Hampering investigation

The moral of the Farepak collapse is pretty straightforward: save your money in a fucking *bank*, don\’t give it to an unregulated private company.

Why the fuck would you decide to save with some rip-off catalogue that might steal your money, instead of using a savings account where you\’re guaranteed both decent interest and deposit protection, getting the money out at Christmas, and buying your presents with it?

All the kids whose Christmas has \”been ruined\” (in the context of the British working class, this means \”oh no, your present is only a DVD player not a PS3\”) by the Farepak collapse should have this explained to them in detail:

\”Your parents lost the money they were supposed to spend on your present because they\’re utter fucktards. If you pay attention at school and don\’t do equally gibberingly stupid stuff when you\’re grown-up, you\’ll be able to afford all the presents you want. Now shut up whining or we\’ll belt you, you greedy little bastard.\”

6 thoughts on “Hampering investigation

  1. Beautiful, beautiful post!


  2. Quim Terfel says:

    It’s *obviously* Gordon Brown’s fault, just like everything else is.

  3. Nick says:

    It’s actually all MPs’ fault, I believe, seeing as they refuse to give over one day’s wages to subsidise other people’s stupidity. Still, the side-effect of it is more moments of Great Radio Phone-In Stupidity, so it’s not all bad news.

  4. Simon says:

    The request for MPs’ cash is bizarre indeed, since – though it involves relatively substantial amounts of money in some cases – we’re hardly talking about life savings or livelihoods, nor about a group in particular financial need.

  5. Andy says:

    exactly what i’ve been telling people since it happened!

  6. I particularly don’t get the criticism of HBOS in this affair. “Bank is repaid money it is owed” seems to be the shock-horror headline.

    Those bastard banks; how dare they expect repayments over the Christmas period? I do hope some MP’s will “take the moral high ground” and foot my credit card bill this month.

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