Lindsay Hoyle MP is a terrible cunt

Fireworks are fun. Anyone who, like Mr Hoyle, wishes to ban fireworks should have a great many of them strapped to their body, and then be ejected from civilised society into space.

Christ, what is with these nannying cunts? \”It\’s a noise! We can\’t have noise! It might cause a tiny bit of annoyance to highly-strung busybodies and their stupid pets!\”

Update: Reactionary Snob would like it known that Barry Sheerman MP is also a cunt for similar reasons. Although he wants to ban the bonfires and keep the fireworks…

2 thoughts on “Lindsay Hoyle MP is a terrible cunt

  1. Stevo in Taichung says:

    What do you expect from a bloke with a name like Lindsay? he’s probably a faggot.

  2. jake smethick says:

    No, it’s simple. Burn their fucking eyes out and wound-fuck the cavity. It’s the only rational response. Their cuntery knows no fucking bounds.

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