Posted on October 27, 2006

Random hungover links

Fat Americans waste a billion gallons of petrol each year. Actually, it\’s worse, as farming all that un-needed and un-healthy food wastes masses of fossil fuels. They should be making whisky instead. Hmm, whisky…

Nicaragua steps back into the fucking dark-ages by relenting to pressure from nut-job Catholics, and banning all forms of abortion, even when the mother\’s life is at risk.

A police force has been told to stop logging information on drug dealers, as it would \”lead to a higher target the following year\”. Why this comes as a surprise to anyone is a mystery to me. If you set fairly intelligent people a fairly simple task (say, \”meet all your targets, which are based upon last year\’s performance\”) then said people will find clever ways to game the system (such as, making sure you don\’t over-shoot the target by much, as that would lead to a much higher target the next year). I\’m lead to believe that since the 80s, business management has clearly understood this. Sadly New Labour learnt their ideas about management then, and seemingly haven\’t bothered to actually look at any empirical evidence since.

–Doormat (who can still taste whisky: grim).