Who fakes a spack-attack?

What a cunt. No, no, not Michael J Fox, but a certain Rush Limbaugh. Mr Limbaugh is clearly some inherently evil worm-ridden turd, who apparently thinks that Michael J Fox is faking his symptoms for political gain. What a complete fucking arsehole. I think this speaks volumes about the kind of people who still support Bush, especially those who think that we shouldn\’t try to find cures for the incurable because it might give credence to abortion. Wankers.


One thought on “Who fakes a spack-attack?

  1. Odd, given you’d think Mr. Limbaugh would have some sympathy for people coming off their meds.

    Not that the fat cunt understands the concept of sympathy, of course, unless Donald Rumsfeld gets caught with his dick in a dachshund.

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