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This is my response to (a) generic criticism of Gordon Brown; (b) this specific criticism of Gordon Brown:

Brown has set tax higher than you or I would like and propped up that cunt Blair for far longer than I would like, but no matter how much you hate the fucker he\’s ultimately fucked up the overall economy less than any of the procession of stupid bastards of all parties to occupy #11 since the last fucking war.

The reason we\’re all arguing about liberties, terrorists, (imaginary) crime, and fucking immigration is because we\’re not arguing about poverty and recession, cos we\’re not having them.

When \’the national conversation\’ switches away from the only thing which Mr Clapham Omnibus gives a fuck about – i.e. the economy – to trivial bullshit, it\’s a good sign that the economy is doing pretty fucking alright.

I\’m exaggerating, of course. I don\’t think imprisoning random Muslims without trial is trivial bullshit; yer average rightie doesn\’t think that letting in the occasional Somali rape victim is trivial bullshit (send her back where she belongs for coming from a backward culture, etc.); however, the only thing that everyone cares about is the one major thing that Labour have got right.

And only ideological loons are going to be seriously bothered about tax cuts until their income stops rising year-on-year (extrapolation from persoal experience, as is so popular round these parts: PDF = higher rate taxpayer. PDF = not at all advantaged by NuLab\’s tax changes. PDF = income still rising substantially year-on-year thanks to favourable economic circumstances).

3 thoughts on “Reproduced for your pleasure

  1. Doormat says:

    You might want to link to the original blog post, and not the comments, as I don’t really understand the context… Though I obviously agree with you.

  2. Wolfie says:

    I don’t agree with you.

  3. Or perhaps Mr Clapham Omnibus had his mind focused on some of the other “trivial bullshit” by events that happened during Mr Brown’s tenure at no. 11.

    There was that thing in America wasn’t there? Oh – and he might have been worried for a while after what happened to his mate Tavistock Omnibus…

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