Paul Gibbons is a cunt

So come and beat me up, you ponce.

Seriously, though – fucking hell. No wonder I don\’t use my name any more.

2 thoughts on “Paul Gibbons is a cunt

  1. “Mr Jones, whose partner and three children were in the house, opened the door holding a knife”

    You see, this is where Mr Jones behaved particularly stupidly. He opened the door. I would have phoned the police. And if I wanted a scrap, first I would have called up as many reinforcements as I could muster. But I wouldn’t have opened the door.

    The police say that this shows how easily people using the internet can put two and two together. I would hope so, it is not a particularly hard calculation. Keeping a door between yourself and two armed men seems to be on an altogether different plane of reason.

  2. George Hale says:

    He got two years so he should be out by now – has he come after you yet?

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