Would that it were so…

Top quality right-wing paranoia here:

it’s not just Google’s media and financial muscle that benefits the left. Liberals run the leading blog search engine — Technorati. They run the leading blog software manufacturer — Six Apart. They invented two of the most important blogging technologies — Podcasting and RSS. The list goes on and on.

In other words, because people with creative skills tend to lean leftwards, we\’ve developed the chance to deny the righties a platform. The thing he\’s missed, of course, is that we don\’t want to be like him: we don\’t want to deny the people we think are idiots a platform. We\’re happy to laugh at their idiotic stylings instead…

3 thoughts on “Would that it were so…

  1. Matthew says:

    And the idea that the guys behind Google are ‘left wing’ is reasonably insane.

  2. It’s true. If only the right had some financial muscle to back it up. Why can’t some supermarkets, car manufacturers, oil or financial companies be rich? Probably because they don’t have enough left-leaning creative people…oh, no wait: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/full_list/

  3. ‘Left wing’ is used, in the US, as a synonym for ‘liberal’. The two are not the same.

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