Fackin\’ cant

From a bizarre parallel universe: 

Apparently, Peter Stringfellow is heterosexual. And like many heterosexual men, he likes teen girls. We should pray for him that he gets a handle on this problem and refrains from harming any more kids.

Meanwhile, we need to wake up. The fact that this is typical behavior for heterosexuals doesn\’t stop us from continuing to elevate such folks to positions where they gain access to our kids.

Or something.

2 thoughts on “Fackin\’ cant

  1. Robert says:

    I’m not sure your analogy holds though, since nobody ever voted Peter Stringfellow to anything.

    Maybe you’re thinking of that other straw haired, fake-tanned cunt, Robert Kilroy-Silk?

  2. PDF says:

    Society has still elevated him to a position where he gets to pull 17-year-olds, though. As far as I’m aware (and any passing libel lawyers are welcome to correct me), Mr Kilroy-Silk has never engaged in such activity.

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