Cigarette companies are sane; anti-smoking campaigners are gibbering tosspots

Discuss with reference to this article on safer tobacco products.

3 thoughts on “Cigarette companies are sane; anti-smoking campaigners are gibbering tosspots

  1. Al says:

    You’re forgetting that all the anti-smoking lobby care about is reducing the number of smokers,
    the more smokers that die younger than they otherwise would have, the less smokers and therefore
    the better.

    The above statement may or may not be true for any given value of true.

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    I suppose being a mercenary bastards needn’t stop you being sane, so yes I agree.

  3. Disagree. Thinking they can develop a genuinely safe cigarette is insane optimism and expecting the government to get involved in developing (and thus be seen to rubber stamp) a “safeish” cigarette is equally loopy. Even Tony’s crew should see this coming:

    litigant: “You told me it was safeish, but now I’ve got cancer”

    BAT: “The government did it!”

    And furthermore: Anyone who uses the word “Toxicant” is surely a toxic cant.

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