Time for the white community to denounce the Anglofascists in its midst

I missed the story of the BNP members caught with a small arsenal of explosives. So did you, probably, because – unlike when Muslims are caught without any explosives but with a copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook – cunts like John Reid didn’t turn it into a “you should all be very scared. Fear the foreigners. Fear them!” PR blitz.

QWGHLM has more, including a link round-up that I can’t quite be bothered to steal. Which links to a surprisingly sensible Harry’s Place article, which has a traditionally insane comments thread:

But these fellows were associated with the BNP – not for the first time the the BNP is most definitely left wing.

Downthread, someone wonders how a “left-wing” site can be anti-racist and pro-civil-liberties. While this person is clearly an ignorant tool, I fear New Labour might have done irrevocable damage to the public conception of left and right…

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