Katie Davis is evil, but the system is worse

The headline is fairly trivially true based on this story. Falsely accusing someone of rape is pretty much as bad as raping someone, especially since it makes accusations brought by real victims less likely to be believed.

However, the most outrageous thing about the whole case is that the man accused spent 10 weeks on remand in prison as a \’child-rapist\’ (during which time, enlightened and community-minded citizens smashed up his house) based on nothing more than Ms Davis\’s word: there was no other evidence whatsoever to bring his story into doubt.

This is simply wrong – nobody should be consigned to jail, whether following conviction or while awaiting trial, on the uncorroborated word of another person. And if you disagree (or indeed, as some suggest, think the law should be made even more wrong in this context) because you think applying a proper \’beyond reasonable doubt\’ test would let too many real rapists get away with it, you\’re just as bad as the people who support internment-without-trial for alleged terrorists.

(minor digression: based on this photo, I\’m struggling to see why anyone would consent to sexual activity with Ms Davis in the first place…)

6 thoughts on “Katie Davis is evil, but the system is worse

  1. Jesus fuck, she’s hideous! The chap said he was drunk though so his defence is sound.

  2. That’s not a minor digression, it’s a major transgression and I’m not so sure his defence is all that sound:

    “He said they started chatting and she went with him to his flat where they had sex before he immediately fell into a drunken sleep.”

    If he had the power of speech left to him I’d say he wasn’t drunk enough to excuse this behaviour.

    “woke up having shat meself with me nether regions itching and caked in fanny batter and with a deep-seated subconscious self-disgust I couldn’t put my finger on” would be more like it.

    Oh – and possibly a phobia of Kelly Osbourne: http://www.sgn.org/sgnnews11/pictures/Kelly%20Osbourne%20(WinCE).jpg

    Site was a result of a google image search – honest!

  3. Mark says:

    She has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice http://www.hastingstoday.co.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=479&ArticleID=1817772

  4. PDF says:

    Good. I also admire the victim’s dad for saying: “what happens to her [the crim] doesn’t matter, it’s entirely up to the courts”, rather than the more traditional “The crim should be strung up and if the judge doesn’t agree then he’s an out-of-touch bleeding heart liberal”.

  5. Fuck me, I actually agree with you for once and have absolutely no urge whatsoever to call you a cunt after reading one of your posts. Keep it up.

  6. PDF says:

    Sorry, I won’t let it happen again.

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