How racism happens

It\’s a common stupid meme among the right-wing press and their acolytes that race riots tend to happen because of unintegrated fundamentalist darkies failing to assimilate into society like good boys. The current events in Windsor are a good reminder that actually, the main cause is that stupid ignorant white chavs enjoy Paki-bashing.

3 thoughts on “How racism happens

  1. Hnnnngh says:

    “The Queen usually spends weekends at Windsor Castle and no decision has yet been taken over whether she would change her plans.”

    In case someone mistakes her for a wog dairyman and smashes her face in?

  2. Al says:

    How dare you call our Queen a wog. She’s a Crout.

  3. Jim Bliss says:

    Allow me to correct your spelling, Al. It’s “kraut” not “crout”. And it’s “parasite” not “queen”.

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