What would the Jew York Times say?

In traditional antisemitic discourse, one popular tactic is \’humorously\’ changing the names of institutions, organisations or regions that one believes to be excessively Jewish or Jew-controlled. Jew York, Hymietown, Yidsbury, and so on.

While some of these names may live on among borderline ultranationalist loonies and old men\’s pub conversations, any mainstream commentator found using them in a piece intended for national publication would instantly be ejected from polite society. Most likely, they\’d never get commissioned again outside of fringe publications; at the very least, their article would be spiked and the editor would have a Serious Word with them.

But as Andrew Bartlett points out, people who say \”al-Beeb\” or \”Londonistan\” are welcomed into mainstream publications with open arms – Stephen Pollard and Melanie Phillips are names that come to mind without even having to look; a bit of Googling will turn up many others.

Yet another case of Islamophobia as the acceptable antisemitism equivalent for the 21st century (other traditional antisemitic slurs include they\’re plotting to destroy us, they control the government, and they rape and prostitute Christian girls. Other recent Islamophobic slurs include they\’re plotting to destroy us, they control the government, and they rape and prostitute Christian girls…)

2 thoughts on “What would the Jew York Times say?

  1. Quim Terfel says:

    Islamaphobia is so last month. Didn’t you know that the Romanians are our new enemy within?

  2. Wolfie says:

    As you so rightly pointed-out, much of this new orientalism is being driven by Jewish columnists and politicians. Nice warm mug of craven hypocrisy anyone?

    Personally I wish the Semites would just kiss and make up once and for all. Bored of this I truly am.

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