can fuck off and die

How dare they? 

Dear [PDF],

We\’ve noticed that customers with your order profile have also ordered The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of a Man and His Mouth by Chris Moyles.  For this reason, you might like to know that this book will be released on 5 October 2006.  You can pre-order your copy for just £8.49 (50% off the RRP) by following the link below.

Link excised for obvious reasons.

3 thoughts on “ can fuck off and die

  1. Consumer profiling – it’s like a mind greater than Cracker has understood you on the basis of your bulk buying of Melanie Phillips books.

  2. RA says:

    I buy one Hi-5 DVD for my daughter and I get recommendations for all sorts of shite. I want my suggestions of Broken Social Scene albums back, not a nudge in the direction of more Australian kids pap…

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