Obituary update

If I were to say \”ding dong, the witch is dead\”, that might provoke unfair exciitement among my more left-of-centre readers. So I\’ll stick with the news that the bigot, liar and professional Muslim-hater Oriana Fallaci has snuffed it. Good.

4 thoughts on “Obituary update

  1. The woman was a hero who fought fascism in World War 2 and continued to fight it in all its different forms until the day she died. Whereas you are a Leftist weenie who has never fought anything more dangerous than those nasty old Right Wing Bloggers like me.

  2. PDF says:

    Heh. And the last thing you did to fight fascism was what, exactly? (NB writing a blog about how the darkies are evil and we should send them back home doesn’t count)

  3. ‘The darkies are evil’? Oh fuck me you leftist wankers really CANT come up with a better argument than ‘You must be a racist because you disagree with me’.

  4. Praetyre says:

    Islam isn’t a race, aptly named one. In you and your pathetic dhimmi pissant retard readers’ sad little masturbation fantasies, people like Fallaci who stand up against Islamic fascism are all a bunch of racist meanies, while those people who want to murder gay people, kill women, and abolish human rights are just being oppressed by the jackboot of the evil west. You are pathetic.

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