In memoriam

Coming from an evil bastard like Mr Eugenides, this is surprisingly touching.

However, it does bring to mind the old saw that young victims of sudden death, whether through murder, accident, disease or other tragedy, are always lovely, wonderful people who help disadvantaged children and love their mothers (an extreme example).

Fate, like Al Qaeda, does an excellent job of saving the curmudgeonly sods who steal from widows and orphans, the people whose leisure time is spent masturbating in seedy booths and fighting in seedy bars, the people whose mothers despair for them. And this is precisely why I\’m not scared of the terrorists…

2 thoughts on “In memoriam

  1. Mr Eugenides says:

    Why thank you.

    On the basis that victims are never anything other than wonderful people, I, too, should be spared the flames next time…

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