Posted on September 9, 2006

Fuck courtesy, you daft cunt

The anti-Blair demonstration at the north London Potemkin school the other day was hilarious. Lenin has a horse\’s-mouth account, but effectively it involved sixth-formers defying politically-cowed teachers to deliver the same message to Blair that any sane person would want to deliver (i.e. \”fuck off and die\”).

Wingnutblogger Prodicus is an idiot, on the other hand:

I despise those who teach children to be rude to Prime Ministers – even this one – and who use them as cannon fodder. They should leave that to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Fuck that. Everyone should be rude to Prime Ministers; everyone should be rude to every cunt who tries to assert their authority over others. This particular PM deserves it more than others thanks to his erosion of civil liberties and his complicity in American and Israeli Ayrab-slaughtering, but that isn\’t really the point. Nobody deserves respect merely for their title, and nobody should ever defer to anyone, ever. If you think otherwise, you\’re a daft little reactionary poodle, and I will be there laughing in your face when the people to whom you kowtow defecate on your head from a great height.

Also, likening a harmless and amusing school protest to the use of children as soldiers and human bombs is the most offensive metaphor since I said \”cunts like Prodicus should be sent to Poland and gassed in the showers\”. Which was just now.

The Devil, wrongly, half-approves of Prodicus on this issue. But at least he has the decency to focus on Lenin\’s communist leanings, rather than suggesting that Tony Blair deserves any respect of any kind whatsoever.

File this one under \’obvious\’

Even the US Senate now admits that there was no connection between Saddam and September 11. Obviously, right-wing nutjobs will continue to believe it until the Rapture.