I hate it when evil cunts like good things

Gibbering far-right mentalist RottyPup is best avoided, unless you believe that all non-Anglo-Saxon types are satanic Koranimals out to kill us all. And that it\’s a good thing Jean Charles de Menezes was killed rather than someone with an in-date visa, because minor immigration breaches ought to carry the death penalty. And that the biggest US-government-related injustice of The War On Terra is that they allowed a freelance torturer to get a taste of his own medicine.

Polly Harvey is a fantastic musician, so it\’s upsetting to find RottyPup linking to her video: deranged bigots like should not be allowed to like decent music, but rather should listen to Andrew Ian Dodge albums on an endless loop. And enjoy it. Save the decent stuff for non-wingnuts in future, there\’s a good chap…

One thought on “I hate it when evil cunts like good things

  1. RA says:

    Rotty is a twat, clearly.

    Polly is wearing fab heels too! Grr..

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