America\’s Funniest Terrorists

The Devil points me to a video clip in which September 11 2001 footage is cut into an episode of America\’s Funniest Home Videos (like You\’ve Been Framed, but without the beardy withered-hand freak).

The good news is that the sanctimonious scumbags who you\’d expect to be annoyed by such a stunt have been, in spades – this quote is a pretty representative sample:

Whether he’s a liberal or not, there are libs who align themselves and are of like-mind to this human waste and excrement.

The bad news is that the video is so poorly executed that it just isn\’t funny: it\’s just a load of jumbled-together archive footage with the TV theme music playing in the background. Pull your socks up, anarchist filmmakers - this kind of poor workmanship is playing right into the hands of The Man.

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