Very high quality

I wish I were good enough for Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey, but I\’m clearly not. Maybe I should follow her advice and move the Third World…

3 thoughts on “Very high quality

  1. Fucking hell, she thinks highly of herself, eh? Obviously neither modesty nor self-awareness are included on her exhaustive list of talents.

    Whoever the hell wants that bitch fucking well deserves her, I say.


  2. Bleeding hell, PDF, you’re right at the sharp end of the happening blogosphere aren’t you?

    One of her sadder traits was that both she and her ex-boyfriend referred to each other by their full first names. Ironic names for partners are fine by me (‘Mrs Kitchen’ or ‘Mrs Fucker’), and so are attempts to keep partners anonymous. But, for some reason, using an unshorted given name seems about as unintimate as you can get. It’s too easy to imagine her writing ‘Devils has penned yet another splenetic rant over at his blog which I highly recommend.’ C’mon DK, she’s a fellow libertarian, and she makes money from her blog. Mostly by linking to seven million gambling sites, though.

    Seriously, poor girl.

  3. Larry Teabag says:

    Mein Gott. A self-obsessed libertarian gun-fetishist Star-trek geek – my dream girl.

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