Evil, evil bastards

If you support the government\’s allegedly planned ban on the possession violent pornography, you should be raped, strangled and have your body├é┬ádumped in a garage for a week. It\’s a fucking appalling, indefensible piece of legislation.

Update: these people have a more productive take on the issue.

2 thoughts on “Evil, evil bastards

  1. Quite right. I couldn’t have put it better myself.


  2. slaveboi says:

    This law is the most ludicrous thing our so called “New Labour” have come up with to date. SO bondage, kinky sex etc is now to blame for all the problems in society – so they are banning it. Then, MR BROWN, you should also be banning movies that depict torture – like so many horrors do these days (The SAW movies for instance!! Also, most video games are violent – shotting, stabbing,stealing cars etc. But we don’t see you banning them too, do we? If you are going to try making the UK a better place to live, either put a ban on everything, or nothing at all. I bet if you get found having kinky sex, you will not be put on the criminal records, will you?? This new law is a typical “ONE RULE FOR US IN POWER, AND ONE RULE FOR YOU SMALL PEOPLE!!”
    No wonder Labour is on the way out, good riddance to a hypocritical government!!

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