The Pigdogfucker is annoyed

If anyone in the UK is likely to be a victim of terrorism, it\’s someone who lives and works in central London, commutes by public transport and frequently travels by air. This description, coincidentally, applies to your host.

Therefore, your host is not best pleased by idiots who suggest that – merely because he understands that the chances of being a victim of terrorism are so miniscule to not be worth worrying about, whereas the chances of being inconvenienced by excessive security measures approximate to 100% – he displays a callous \”I\’m alright Jack, sod them\” attitude.

Your host has a similar attitude to violent crime, having recently graduated from the age and gender group most likely to be a victim of violent crime to merely being in the age and gender group third most likely to be a victim of violent crime.

In both cases, there isn\’t very much of it, it\’s not very scary, and the people who are most scared of it are the people who don\’t stand any real chance of experiencing it anyway. And if said people have the fucking audacity to tell me I should think otherwise, despite the statistics tallying with my personal experience in such a way that makes obviously clear that they\’re wrong and I\’m right, then they\’re welcome to go and blow themselves up.

6 thoughts on “The Pigdogfucker is annoyed

  1. N.I.B. says:

    I wonder – would people would be prepared to put up with the measures would be necessary to make the roads as safe as flying? You know, blanket 20mph speed limits, odd-numbered and even-numbered registration numbers only allowed to travel on alternate days, that kind of thing…

    I have my suspicions what the answer would be, because the roads are a strangely different place where everything that goes wrong is due to an ‘accident’, no questions asked.

  2. Spot on, PDF. But, rumours of an air terror plot with no tickets or even any passports, much less any explosions, is plenty enough to scare the middle-class ‘liberals’ into compliant submission, plenty enough to fuck up everyone’s holiday plans – unless two weeks sat in an airport under armed watch counts as a holiday these days – and plenty enough to justify throwing 1000s of Muslims in jail for 28 days without charge, only 12% of which ever get charged with anything at all.

    Imagine the outcry if the Muslim Minority being rounded up – actually Working Class Muslims – happened to be of the Jewish persuasion.

    History repeats itself as farce.

  3. dsquared says:

    having recently graduated from the age and gender group most likely to be a victim of violent crime to merely being in the age and gender group second most likely to be a victim of violent crime

    pleased to hear the operation was a success.

  4. I flew back from Athens the other day carrying three litres of homemade raki and five litres of olive oil on my back. I asked the nice Greek people at the airport if that was alright. Their sensible reaction was to laugh at me for flying to such a silly country as the UK. “Can you take cigarettes to London?” smirked the lady at the till. Quite right too.

  5. All I have to say is that Bush has some nerve coming on the air the day after a Federal Court stopped his illegal wiretapping and saying, “We are at war. Those who cheer this decision (to uphold the Constitution, by the way, that was the decision) have no clue what kind of world we live in. We are at war.”

    Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    Fear is the opiate of the masses. And those who sacrifice freedom for security will get neither and deserve neither.

  6. PDF says:

    D^2 – corrected. Odd, that one – I’d not intuitively have expected 18-24 women to be at greater risk of voilence than 25-34 men… I suppose a lot of 25-34 men are responsible married parent-y types like yourself, and only get steamingly pissed on special occasions.

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