Keeping us all suitably terrified

Well done to the security services for busting a ring of apparent flight-bomb-terrorists.

However, sod the government for introducing a whole bunch of arbitrary \’security\’ restrictions just to ensure that everybody knows about the plot, remains scared and understands that Our Way Of Life Is Under Threat and only our Dear Leader can protect us.

They\’ve busted the fucking bombers. If anything, it\’s time to reduce fucking security restrictions. And the no-hand-luggage rule is just bizarre – if you\’re a competent enough terrorist to smuggle a bomb onto a plane, then you\’re a competent enough terrorist to build pressure- and timer-based detonators for it and stick it in the hold (this also reduces your chances of wimping out, which is a plus for your ringleaders, and of being disarmed by angry passengers like Richard Reid).

Oh, and if this puts anyone off flying for reasons of safety rather than annoyance, you\’re a pathetic twat and I hope you die.

2 thoughts on “Keeping us all suitably terrified

  1. Doormat says:

    Well fucking said! A further thought: if I was a would-be suicide bomber, with a pre-built bomb, then I’d put it in a ruck-sack, rock on down to Heathrow, and blow myself up in the middle of 1000s of queueing tourists. Instant death and chaos on much the same scale as that planned anyway. So why haven’t they just shut the airport, instead of making it a perfect target? Because I seriously doubt there is any specific threat that hasn’t already been dealt with overnight.

  2. Well, first of all, most of those arrested have already been released.

    Second, it’s near an election, so the threat has to go up to puce or magneta or whatever. It happens every single time.

    However, when they start confiscating your baby’s pacifier because the nipple is filed with gel, then even some pretty die-hard Nervous Nellies are going to start to thing that perhaps this is BS. Now they’re just being plain ridiculous.

    Okay, okay, the cavity searches on Grandma since 9/11 were already ridiculous. But many in this country are a little slow on the uptake…

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