Perspective #2

PDF: \”You do loads of business in the States, aren\’t you worried about the fact they\’ve started jailing British businessmen on the slightest pretext?\”

Another Friend Of PDF: \”What, you mean NatWest and BetOnSports? Not really, it\’s about the same odds as being blown up by terrorists, and I\’m not worried about that.\”

PDF: \”Christ, good point - of course, the Brits who died on September 11 were all in the WTC on business, weren\’t they?\”

AFOP: \”I hadn\’t even thought of that, but you\’re right. So it\’s a 10:1 terrorist:random jail ratio, and we\’re not afraid of the terrorists either, so obviously being afraid of random jail would be silly.\”

PDF: \”Indeed. So why the hell does the second scare me so much more than the first?\”

AFOP: \”Probably because you\’re a cock.\”

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