Posted in June 2006

Sane and balanced

Someone vaguely affilliated with Reuters has sent one of the world\’s most despicable cunts – Charles Johnson from LGF – an anonymous email saying:

I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut….

Mr Johnson, being a despicable cunt, decided to pursue and persecute the sender of this message, rather than ignoring it like a sane person. The net result was a) a great deal of time wasted by all concerned; b) some poor techie getting suspended from his job c) Mr Johnson trying to frame pro-Palestinian writer Inayat Bunglawa for the message, even though Reuters had explicitly stated the person suspended was not an editiorial employee.

All very silly.

The main point, though, is that you\’d need a heart of stone not to look forward to the day when Charles Johnson, who is a despicable cunt, gets his throat cut. I\’d seriously question the judgement (and indeed the humanity) of someone whose heart failed to soar with delight in the event that Mr Johnson suffered a horrible death…

More trigger-happy coppage

\”At this stage there is nothing to suggest members of the public in the immediate area are at risk,\” Scotland Yard said in a statement. \”Except from armoured thugs breaking down their front door and shooting them, of course.\”

The data clearly shows otherwise

According to the BBC, \”UK among worst \’binge drinkers\”. Nonsense, we\’re among the three best!

Anti-crime fundays

Always a highly effective way of reducing crime.