It\’s official

You can now be sent off to one of the world\’s most notorious human-rights-abusing powers and tried in front of a highly partisan jury on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, all for sitting at your desk in the UK and doing your job.

Whether or not the NatWest Three are guilty is entirely irrelevant. If they defrauded anyone, it was NatWest; NatWest was and remains a British company; its past and present owners have no interest in prosecuting them or desire to prosecute them; and all the relevant transactions they\’re accused of making were conducted in London. If you support their extradition to the undeniable hellhole that is Texas, you deserve no human rights of your own whatsoever.

And the fact that everyone who lost money on Enron, as in almost every financial scandal ever, was a greedy thick fuck who thoroughly deserved to lose every penny isn\’t even relevant to any of the above.

14 thoughts on “It\’s official

  1. Matthew says:

    You’re right of course, but it’s enjoyable seeing the Daily Telegraph, of all organs, ranting about subservience to the US,
    human rights, etc etc.

  2. Rob says:

    Well, obviously your ordinary illegal deportee dragged off to the states is of no consequence to the Telegraph. These, however, are bank managers.

  3. John Cancer says:

    Would you classify the Enron employees and pensioners who lost their jobs and savings as GTFs too?

  4. Texan says:

    Hey, say what you will about Enron and the States,
    just keep your mouth off of Texas.

    My Texan cousin died on D-Day.

    You might just need our help in the future, you know.

  5. PDF says:

    John Cancer – yes. If you work for a company whose stock in trade is miraculously producing large piles of money from nowhere visible, you should be aware of the chances of them going under and of the unwisdom of investing all your money in their stock. Only hedge funds and sophisticated chancers ought to invest in accounting-wizzardry-driven companies like Enron; if you as a normal member of the public put your money in a company where you don’t understand what they’re doing, then you’re an idiot.

    Texan – sorry. I’d be quite happy to admit that if you’re wealthy and Texan, then Texas has an exemplary justice system.

  6. mick angel says:

    PDF said:
    “Texan – sorry. I’d be quite happy to admit that if you’re wealthy and Texan, then Texas has an exemplary justice system.”

    I apologise that PDF intimates your ‘standards’ are slipping in Texas. This is of course an evil slur: you have to be wealthy, texan AND white. Tsk Tsk.

    We will probably all need each other’s help at some point, until then best we stick together and not mess things up by invading countries willy-nilly while disregarding international laws and the geneva convention eh?

    oh, hold on…

  7. Not A Fake Name says:

    Texan, the cheap fuckers in the UK still haven’t paid the US back for the last time they saved their arse. They’re called loans for a reason.

    When the next time comes around, and it surely will, fuck them.

  8. PDF says:

    I’m glad that the UK sent troops to join your insane empire-building project in Iraq – our soldiers’ deaths have clearly bought us a great deal of goodwill.

  9. Jack Lacton says:

    Hey, I want to be on the side of the British in any conflict!

    Their track record is pretty impressive with the only loss in the last few hundred years being…the War of Independence!

    You can side with the real cause of problems in the world, the fucking French, if you like but then you’ll be completely fucked.

    Talking of the fucking French, here are a few funnies:

    War without France would be like…World War II.
    “It is important to remember that the French have always been there when they needed us.” – Alan Kent
    “Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.” – Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld

    Don Rumsfeld seems a complete fuckoff to me but that is one of the great lines ever.

  10. Not A Fake Name says:

    All too true.

    Texas is such a racist backwater.

    After all, think of the repeated race riots there over the last decade or so, such as those in Oldham, Burnley, Bradford, Brixton and Birmingham.

  11. Texan says:

    Yes, although we like to talk, we don’t actually riot in the streets.
    It’s impolite.

    The Texas prison system indeed sucks. We have more folks
    incarcerated than exist in some European countries. Mostly,
    though, we just shoot first.

    RE Enron stock. You must not be aware that employees had no choice
    but to invest their pension $$ in Enron stocks. Yep, no choice.
    I hope they hang the bastards.

    Naw, no matter what, we’d still help. It’s in our nature.
    And we’ll be getting rid of King George in 2008. Maybe 2006,
    but impeaching presidents is a bad habit to have so we might
    just have to put up with this id-ee-yut for a while yet.
    He’s no Texan, BTW. His daddy’s a Yankee.

  12. Texan says:

    And a Happy Fourth of July!

  13. PDF says:

    So is today’s news a good thing or a let-down, then? 

    Only employer-matched contributions were invested in Enron stock – it’s illegal to force employees to invest their contributions in the company. For those employees whose employers were bought out by Enron, this only applied to contributions made after the takeover date. In other words, the only money that was compulsorily lost was imaginary in the first place, paid in Enron shares that were never even worth anything. The rest was lost by people who were too greedy to pick a balanced portfolio for their own money when they saw that Enron was outperforming the market.

    I’m reasonably clued-up about pensions, stock markets and balance sheets. I have access to more financial information about my employer than a typical employee. Based on all of this, I view my employer’s stock as a very good investment, one which is set to gain significant value over the next 5-10 years. This compares favourably to Enron, where even financial analysts couldn’t explain what was really driving growth.

    *Nonetheless*, whenever my employer has granted me share options, I’ve exercised them, sold up and invested them in a balanced portfolio as soon as I’ve had the chance. There is too much scope for unexpected things to go wrong otherwise. If I were to leave my money invested in my employer because it was likely to outperform the markets, this would make me stupid, greedy or both – and if they went under I’d deserve to lose every penny.

  14. Texan says:

    Instant karma!

    My inner cynic says it was suicide. The lawyers were saying that by
    dying, he saved his family’s finances as any civil or criminal
    judgements cannot be enforced against inheritances.

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