Fair, proportionate, etc.

Some terrorists capture one single foreign soldier. That soldier\’s country responds by invading and killing everyone in sight in the vague hope of retrieving him. They bomb the fuck out of bridges and power stations, presumably just in case he\’s being hidden there. What does this say about the character of the people running the soldier\’s country?

In some ways, it\’s sad that the Palestinians have agreed to tolerate Israel\’s existence

5 thoughts on “Fair, proportionate, etc.

  1. Ryan says:

    Did they actually kill anyone, though? Or are you just ranting like a madman? Or, option 3, did they kill everyone in sight, only there actually just didn’t happen to be anyone in sight, so luckily no-one was harmed despite their evil intentions?

  2. PDF says:

    3, pretty much.

  3. mick angel says:

    Ryan: it’s early days so probably option (2) with a chance of option (3) for something to watch on the weekend telly.

  4. Lurker says:

    What it says about Israel is DO-NOT-FUCK-WITH-US unless you are 100% serious about the consequences of your actions.

  5. mick angel says:

    Lurker: I think that those Hez’ guys were pretty convinced of the Israel’s methods/consequences before this latest hoopla started. And I think they’re serious enough judging from their actions.

    ISRAEL: “Don’t fuck with us unless you are serious; we’ve got US planes, guns and bombs on our side, Condi is holding the humanitarian ceasefire in check and a proxy UN veto for any well-intentioned life-saving UN interventions as well.”
    HEZBOLLAH: “Well, we’re serious”

    Yoo! Point proven, great, well done. You’re both stupid enough to start killing innocent people. You get a prize: a pile of dead people.

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