Good news on Europe

The articulate-but-paranoid EU Referendum bloggers believe that the battle for UK independence is already lost. In particular:

Thus, we have a choice between \”democracy\” and \”stability\”, the choice between supporting – and occasionally leading – campaigns and initiatives alongside the United States and its allies, or supporting the foreign policy initiatives of the European Union and its allies. And, as it stands, we are sliding towards the latter, in a contest between two incompatible world visions.

In other words, we\’re going to stop getting involved with mad interventions that don\’t help anyone but make everyone hate us, and instead join the rest of Europe in not wasting money, time and lives on pointless crusades. Yay.

EU Referendum don\’t think this would be a good outcome, for reasons that are unclear. Luckily, they have a solution:

[P]ursue a campaign for a more active, effective and longer-term engagement in Iraq, staying there until we have a fully-functioning, liberal democracy.

And for my next trick - porcine aviation! 

2 thoughts on “Good news on Europe

  1. “In other words, we’re going to stop getting involved with mad interventions that don’t help anyone but make everyone hate us…”

    What? Like the CAP?


  2. PDF says:

    No, the CAP just wastes loads of money and makes everyone hate the French.

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