A bit less assymmetrical

In a pleasant change from being shot with American-made artillery shells while only having sticks and stones to defend themselves, the Palestinians have (at least, so they claim) developed chemical and biological weapons.

I\’d recommend a focus on poison gas, if only because it would provoke the funniest reactions on LGF. My tenner\’s on \”It\’s a new Holocaust and the Palis are the new Nazis, therefore we need to fight a new WWII until they\’re all dead like Hitler\”.

Update: \”jihad-genocide\” just on the news of the threat. We have a winner…

One thought on “A bit less assymmetrical

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey, I thought LGF had some set-up whereby they block your links and redirect them to the IDF homepage? At least that’s what used to happen to me. Maybe they don’t see PigDogFucker as much of a threat, compared to the now deceased giant that was Beatniksalad? eh? eh?

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