Why I hate liberals

While really bad shit is happening – like, y\’know, the West massacring people all about, the government trying to lock up minor smokers as dealers, lesbians being sent to third-world hellholes to be murdered, while meanwhile the President of the USA spouts religious drivel about how gays are filthy perverts – the gay liberal lot cock on about how DJs who say rude things about everybody are racist and homophobic. Except that the strongest point they can muster is \”people over 30 don\’t understand how English is spoke, like\”.

It\’s just totally fucking gay.

Oh, irate update – if you think prosecuting today\’s French railways for the Vichy regime\’s Nazi bastardry is anything other than fucking retarded, you should be gassed.

One thought on “Why I hate liberals

  1. Al says:

    Man that’s like, totally anti-semitic.

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