Idiot comment of the day

Or \”why comment is free\” [*]:

[commenter] Puzzledcov: \”I find it difficult to believe that very many members of the old IRA would have supported the indiscriminate murder of men, women and children in the name of Ireland. They did not target civilians,\”

[commenter] Midas: So let me get this straight, the \’OLD\’ IRA were the ones who didn\’t plant bombs in Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester London and across half of Northern Ireland. The \’NEW\’ IRA were the ones who did? When was it, exactly that the \’OLD\’ IRA disbanded and the \’NEW\’ IRA took over?

In 1922 and 1969 respectively, you ignorant cock.

[*] scroll or search for the quoted comments on the CiF link. Re this point, all websites that allow comments but don\’t give direct links to them are shit and run by wankers.

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