Pathetic Fallaci

If someone were to slit the throat of New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot, no tears ought to be shed: 

[Insane bigoted pathetic liar] Oriana Fallaci has repeatedly fallen afoul of some of Europe’s strict laws against vilifying religions or inciting racial hatred. (In Europe, the prevailing impulse toward certain kinds of outré opinions is to ban their expression.)

Cock off. The reason Fallaci has run into trouble is that she\’s a shit-stirring Nazi insaniac, not that she holds \”outré opinions\”. Talbot, as an American, should understand that turning up at an airport and making jokes about misappropriating aeroplanes and flying them into buildings is Inappropriate and Wrong. Such jokes are the direct equivalent of the \”outré opinions\” that Fallaci holds.

Sure, anyone loony enough to believe bomb jokers are OK ought to be on the poor senile deranged lady\’s side – but I\’m reasonably convinced that there\’s a fairly direct correlation between the \”hang \’em all and flog \’em all\” brigade and Ms Fallaci\’s admirers.

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