That \”deport all foreign prisoners\” thing

If we start deporting all foreigners who get convicted of crimes, we\’ll inevitably run into more cases like that of Ernesto Leal, where long-time British residents who\’ve contributed to the community they live in get thrown out for doing one stupid thing (as well as receiving the actual punishment laid down in law). This seems disproportionate, rubbish and stupid, because it is.

And if you start spouting pompous arse like:

I believe that anyone in the country, who is not a citizen, is here as our guest, on sufferance, and any significant misdemeanour means they have abused our hospitality and should leave forthwith

…then I hope you get shot by some angry Somali. Pretentious cunt. I hate this pseudo-American crap about Citizens and Guests and Hospitality. We\’re People. So Are They. If You Think Your Country Of Birth Makes You Better Than Them, Then You\’re A Cunt And Should Die. Nothing Else To See Here, Fuck Off.

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