Good non-topping effort

Zac Moussaoui was desperate to be martyred by the Americans, so well done that Virginia jury for not obliging and instead sentencing him to life in jail.

If any shadowy American cabal elite are reading, please can you rig it so these 12 guys and girls get to formulate foreign policy, while Bush and his \”let\’s let the terrorists provoke us into doing exactly what will piss off normal Muslims the most\” lot get sent off to drive trucks, wait tables at Denny\’s, and do whatever else one does in Virginia?

2 thoughts on “Good non-topping effort

  1. Robert says:

    Hold on… its not certain that all 12 voted against the death penalty. Merely, they could not agree unanimously. There may have been one lone juror against 11 wanting to send him to Old Sparky.

    In any case, is this not a case of reverse psycology of the most obvious kind? If I ever get convicted of a capital crime in Virginia, I’m going to ask to be martyred.

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    I agree with your sentiments concerning the outcome – but in fact none of the jurors were swayed by the “martyrdom” argument, sensible though it is. But a few of them were swayed by the silly “he was beaten by his father as a child” red-herring, though to their credit some of them did also spot that he was a pretty peripheral figure in the whole 9/11 thing, was in prison at the time that it happened, and had limited information about how the plan was supposed to be carried out.

    And then afterwards we got Giuliani saying that he should have got the DP because that would serve as an effective deterrent to other potential suicide bombers. Hah!

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